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Trailer Requests

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1 Trailer Requests on Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:38 pm


Current Trailer Requests (06.19.2013)

The Basics


Author Profile Link:Co-Author Profile Link:Who would you like to complete your request?
http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/319094  cookieprince 
About Your Story...
Story Title:Story Link:Story Genre:
Died Again http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/366750/died-again-2min-angst-jongkey-minkey-onkey angst jongkey onkey revenge 

Story Description:  

A story of revenge, hope and destruction. How would you feel if you were used and thrown away? To be left by yourself and at the verge of death? This story reveals how Kim Kibum, abandoned by the only person he trusted, strives for revenge. For justice.
This is where it might get a little complicated...
Characters in the Trailer?Video Clips:Any text/quotes that you'd like to go into the trailer?Any audio/song that you'd like in particular?
SHINee Jonghyun, Key and Onew http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3Iec8U7F8U (0:12 - 0:13, 0:18 - 0:19 Basically the part when the eyes open.)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKtvDv7eykg (0:00 - 0:10)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ovn5aTtfow (0:25-0:30, for these is ther any way to get rid of the white coloured subbings and words there?) 
"I'll show you what I can do..." Key
"I didn't know I was hurting you..." Jonghyun
"I'll keep you save..." Onew 
Sad Romance (It's a violin piece but if thing that another song is better, you can choose! Smile 

Anything else?Personal Message to Your Trailer Maker?
Is it possible to add like heartbeat sound effects in the background? Oh can you add this audio in the starting? To create suspense/thrill : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiLVpKcB6MQ Umm... I really like your examples! Good luck with the making of the trailer! 

The Basics

Angel-of-the-Seas Naturallygreen 

Author Profile Link:Co-Author Profile Link:Who would you like to complete your request?Are you willing to let someone else complete your request if it means that it'll be finished faster?
http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/104375 http://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view/62391 cookieprince Yes 
About Your Story...
Story Title:Story Link:Story Genre:
His Empty Space http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/368732/his-empty-space-jessica-onew-onsica-tragedy-smtown-writingcontest tragedy 

Story Description:  

There’s a couple. They are happily together, living their life as usual couples. They want to go on a trip (choose which place, haha) and so they plan the trip and everything. They decide to go by a plane.
It’s the first time the Jessica is flying so she’s really nervous, but her boyfriend,Onew, tries to calm her and says that it will be okay, that it’s not that scary, not that dangerous. That calms her a bit, but she still feels a bit anxious. The Onew suggest the Jessica to sit right next to the window so she could see the pretty clouds & the nice view overall.

The plane takes of, it’s all nice and sweet… UNTIL. Something goes wrong.
Jessica feels a bit sick from the flight and goes to the toilet. (She says that she’ll be right back.) Suddenly, the plane starts shaking, there’re dark clouds around it and people start to panic. Onew wants to get up and walk to his girlfriend, but the stuartess doesn’t let him, she says that it’s very dangerous, he asks, what about his girlfriend, the stuartess says she’ll take care of her. As she walks to the toilet, the plane starts falling, fast. She doesn’t make it to her destination.
So it all goes crazy, the plane falls, and right before it crushes, Onew sees the empty SPACE beside him.

In the end, Jessica does not survive (neither does the stuartess and some other people), and Onew is heart broken, devastated with sadness, miserable, feeling guilty…

He thinks about the empty space beside him all the time. He even pretends to talk to her as if she was sitting beside him, but then he turns to look and there’s nothing but an empty space… He keeps talking to this empty space and somehow grows insane… He imagines her sitting in that place, smiling at him, laughing, but not saying anything. Deep inside he knows that she’s gone, but he holds on to that hope and thought that she’s still right here, with him, alive and loving.

Jessica's sister, Krystal, visits him and makes sure he doesn't do something he'll regret and to tell him that Jessica's gone. Krystal always tells him that, but Onew just keeps talking to the empty space beside him.

This is where it might get a little complicated...
Characters in the Trailer?Video Clips:Any text/quotes that you'd like to go into the trailer?Any audio/song that you'd like in particular?
Jessica Jung (SNSD)
Onew Lee (SHINee)
Krystal Jung (f(x)) 
[Whichever part you like]
[Whichever part]
[Any part with just Jessica, or any part with Jessica and Onew]
[any part where Onew's crying] 
"I tried to empty my mind from the thoughts of you. You lived in my heart, but I cried like a fool and looked for you." -Secret's "Empty Space"

I miss you so much
Everyday all by myself, calling and calling you
I want to see you so much
Now it’s like I have this habit, keep calling out your name
I want to see you so much
-CNBlue Yonghwa's "Because I Miss You" 
Empty Space by Secret or Because I Miss You by CNBlue Yonghwa 

Anything else?Personal Message to Your Trailer Maker?
Just wanted to tell you that this story is written for a writing contest called "Let's Write To This Modest Proposal".
http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/345309/let-s-write-to-this-modest-proposal-a-writing-challenge-contest-challenge-contest-writing-writingchallenge [That's the link to the contest. Can you please add that it's a submittion for the contest? Thanks~ 
Feel free to check out the story for more info and also check this [http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/426247] out for more info too. The out line was made by my co-author. I hope you enjoy working on this, and hwaiting! ^-^ 

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